The Pain of Fruitfulness

The Pain of Fruitfulness

Oftentimes fruitfulness can be painful; so many examples abound in nature that attests to this truth.

When a woman conceives, her body’s first reaction is “wow! What’s that? Some strange things begin to happen to her. Some women experience morning sickness; others experience absurd cravings while others are sleepy and lethargic all day long. These experiences are just a few of the things that happen.

All through the nine months of gestation, the woman suffers discomforts and some other inconveniences that one would rather do without. For some, the process of birthing is excruitiating, for others not so bad, but not pleasant all the same.

These and many more encompass the pain of fruitfulness. Yet I wonder how come women like my mother went through this process 8 times!

I asked her once about this and she said “once I held my baby in my arms for the first time, the pain is forgotten”.  Wow! What a wonder of nature!

Let’s look at a fruitful tree. My father once told me that it’s only fruitful trees that children throw sticks and stones at.

This in essence means that fruitful trees are usually the most attacked. People throw sticks at them to get the fruits down. Some others shake the trees vigorously while yet others climb the tree to get the fruits down.

The process of the tree sharing its fruit with the world can either be painful or discomforting or even sometimes downright frustrating! But does the tree stop bearing fruits because of this? No!

Every season, it goes through the cycle to produce fruits that would either be received respectfully, or by other less pleasant means.

So what would it be? Would you forfeit fruitfulness just because of the pain?

Would you rather die in obscurity because you don’t want people talking about you?

Would you rather go to your grave with all the potentials that God has endowed you with than be criticized by people?

What would it be? Would you embrace the pain of fruitfulness or would you live an unfulfilled life?

Think about it!

For further study : John chapter 15

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